Cider season

It’s the ideal time to celebrate the autumn fruit harvest with a bottle of local cider. The apple harvest is in full swing and our local cider producers are busy picking, pressing, fermenting and maturing our much-loved ciders.

Local ciders are a world apart from mass-produced drinks. For these producers, it is all about recreating traditional methods of cider production and each bottle is made with the sort of care and attention you’d give your own children! Being bang in the middle of cider country, these local ciders are all made with locally grown apples with no sweeteners or juice added. That’s why they taste so special.


6 Ciders for autumn...

Severn Cider Sparkling Dry Cider

This crisp and full-flavoured sparkling cider picked up two gold stars at the Great Taste awards in 2018. It is made from selected local apples that give the cider its characteristic dryness, which is offset by the gentle bubbles that create a refreshing, cleansing effect on the palate.

Tasting notes: crisp and refreshing but without too much sweetness, this sparkling cider is full of fruity flavour. Perfect for paring with sausages and mash.


Pearson's Medium Cider

Perfect for cider-drinkers who like a lighter flavour, this lightly sparkling cider allows the sweetness of the apples to really come through. This small batch cider is made from 100% pressed apple juice, using only cider apples, to give a clear, easy-drinking style that’s best served chilled.

Tasting notes: this is a refreshing cider that manages to attain a perfect balance of tannin, acidity and sweetness. It’s great with cheese or spicy food.

Dunkertons Black Fox Organic Cider

This medium-dry cider is hand-crafted from a blend of up to 14 different apple varieties. The careful selection and blending process ensures that each batch of this organic cider delivers a consistently rounded cider with its distinctive lively finish and tangy aftertaste.

Tasting notes: this is a full-bodied cider with a decent amount of tannin and acidity that’s not too sweet. Try it with a ploughman’s or a hearty beef stew.


Hogans Killer Sharp Cider

This fresh, earthy, sharp and naturally sour cider is from Hogan’s innovation range. It’s not for the faint-hearted but it definitely rewards the passionate cider drinker! It carries a fierce, tangy apple edge that refreshes the palate.

Tasting notes: fresh and fierce and toe-curlingly sour, this award-winning cider earns its name. Try it with smoked fish and Mexican wraps.

The Cotswold Cider Co Sweet Cheeks cider

This grown-up take on a fruit cider is created using a blend of bittersweet real cider and autumn hedgerow fruits. Elderberries and blackberries are what give this cider its colourful fruitiness, leading to a medium-sweet blend of apples and berries.

Tasting notes: light and crisp apples, sweet and delicate blackberries and tangy elderberries combine in a refreshing medium-sweet cider sensation. Try it with apple pie and custard – yes, really!


Badger's Berry Cider

This unique cider is created by our featured local supplier Hayles Fruit Farm, using home-grown culinary apples. The addition of sweet red berries gives this cider a lighter flavour that is enjoyed by all age groups.

Tasting notes: sweet yet sharp, soft yet punchy, this is an easy-drinking cider that can be enjoyed on all occasions. PLUS claim an exclusive 10% discount on all Badger’s Apple cider!