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Drinks for National Curry Week

Matching drinks with spicy food can be a tricky business. Firstly, it depends on what curry you are having, what region it is from, what the spices are and ultimately how hot it is. Secondly, you need to consider all the other dishes that accompany it, and thirdly, think about cost – you don’t want to go to town on anything to expensive and then not be able to taste it! As a general rule with spice, the higher the tannin, the poorer the match. You want something that’s fresh, full of citrus and fruit flavours and not afraid to stand up to punchy food,


Purity Brewing Session IPA

This is a moreish, unfiltered session IPA, infused with real grapefruit peel and brimming with tropical fruit notes and hop aromas. The citrus of the grapefruit cuts through spicy food making it an ideal partner for your favourite Indian takeaway.


Hook Norton Brewery Off the Hook IPA

Another citrus-led beer, this is a strong combination of citrus and orange notes delivering a full-on refreshing pale ale. This is your classic beer for curry drink!

Cotswolds Distillery Cotswolds Gin

Not much can beat a crisp G&T to cool down fiery food. With nine botanicals, including Cotswold lavender, freshly peeled pink grapefruit and lime zest this is a juniper-led gin with fresh citrusy notes and a hint of lavender.


Woodchester Valley Vineyard Sparkling rosé brut

A gentle fruit fizz works is a great pairing with spicy food. With lovely red fruit aromas, this is a charmingly well-balanced sparkling with delicate bubbles. Great with South-East Asian or Japanese curries.

Woodchester Valley Vineyard rosé

A strong, fruity rosé is often a perfect pairing for spicier food (we’re not talking pale Provence-style here). This beautifully bold rosé from Woodchester Valley Vineyard is perfect for the winter months. Aromas of strawberry, raspberry and cranberry with plenty of ripe red fruit flavours, and a hint of cherry and rose-hip.


Purity Brewing Pure Booch Ginger and Lime

Spicy food works well with something citrussy and this kombucha drink from one of our local brewers is ideal.  Authentically slow-brewed, it is crafted with cold pressed Peruvian ginger and Mexican lime juice. It’s also handily zero alcohol and gluten free.

50p off Cobra Lager 620ml
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