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Whether you want to up your 5 a day or you just want to road test your new Christmas blender, a smoothie is a great way to start the day. Pack it full of your favourite fruit and vegetables – frozen or fresh, add bulk with oats or yoghurt, and experiment until you find your favourite recipe. Better still, get a great deal on discounted fresh ingredients by using the Gander app – a smooth way to keep the costs down!

If you haven’t time to make your own, try one of these bottles, all available in store now…


Naked Green Machine

This fruity blend of kiwi, mango, banana, apple, and pineapple is boosted with broccoli, kale, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach and wheatgrass among a host of other goodies. The Naked philosophy is simple – bottling the best ingredients from Mother Nature into a delicious, additive-free drink for everyone to enjoy, a philosophy that hasn’t changed since the team were first peddling their homemade smoothies on beaches back in 1983!


Morrisons Nourish Gut Health Orange Mango Smoothie

Proving that smoothies can be beneficial for every part of the body, this fibre-filled fruit blend does what it says on the carton. ‘Good for your gut’ is the tagline, and as well as vitamin-boosting orange and apple juices, mango and banana purées, you’ll find chicory fibre rto help with normal bowel function and added calcium to support the normal function of digestive enzymes.

Innocent Invigorate Super Smoothie

The ‘Super Smoothie’ range from Innocent are smoothies with added extras! More fruit and veg, more vitamins, and more fibre, all blended together to give you more from your bottle. This blend of apples, kiwi, mango, grapes, banana and cucumber is boosted with spirulina, lime and a dash of matcha infusion to help you start your day in a good way. Plus, there are six added vitamins for extra oomph.


Innocent Smoothies Just For Kids Orange Mango & Pineapple

Perfect for popping in their lunchboxes, these Innocent little cartons contain just enough juice to keep your little ones going all day long. This blend of exotic fruit is a firm favourite but there are plenty of other flavours to choose from too. As well as being good for our young people, these smoothies are good for the planet with paper straws and recyclable packaging.

Taste Club offer: claim £1 off all flavours of Innocent Smoothies just for kids!

Morrisons Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

One of the great things about smoothies is the amount of goodness you can hide for fussy eaters! This simple-sounding fruit blend contains a lot more goodness than you might imagine. As well as strawberry and banana purées, there’s fresh orange and apple juice and extracts from sweet potato, radish, cherry and apple.

Big savings on all your favourite sweet treats!
Valid until 2nd March 2023