Warming reds

What better way to spend the evening than cosying up with one of these hearty, warming reds… you may be surprised to find a few local guests in the mix too!



Woodchester Valley Pinot Noir

This Silver Medal winning wine is a gloriously deep ruby red in colour with intense violet highlights. At first sip, the deep and rich aromas of cassis jump out but are then quickly balanced with white pepper and cedar, leading to a smooth and silky finish with lingering notes of cherry and spice. A great example of an award-winning local red.

Cheers: Try it with pan-roasted duck breast, grilled ribeye steak and any dish containing mushrooms and aubergine, or Asian or Moroccan spices.


Sixteen Ridges English Nouveau

Arriving on 18th November and available to pre-order now, this easy-drinking, light red wine has been creating quite a buzz in the world of English wines since launching in 2019. It is made using Pinot Noir Early grapes which ripen a few weeks earlier than traditional pinot noir giving the wine enough time to ferment for a November release.

Cheers: This method of production, similar to the Beaujolais Nouveau in Frnce, allows for a fresh, fruity wine with fewer tannins than traditional red wines. Be quick – last year’s sold out in 24 hours!

Welcombe Hills Vineyard Othello

Nestled at the top of the Welcombe Hills overlooking Stratford-upon-Avon, this family-owned vineyard has been making award-winning wines for over 18 years. This Silver Medal winning red blends Pinot Noir and Pinot Précoce in another example of English wine-making at its finest. Enjoy the juicy ripe cherry with hints of strawberry and dried cranberry with subtle black pepper, clove and damson notes.

Cheers: Its earthy flavour works well with game food, especially duck, and mushroom-based dishes.


R&R Merlot

We all need a bit of R&R at this time of the year and this Robert & Reeves Chilean merlot does the trick! Intensely fruity flavours of cherry and plum intertwine with aromas of coffee and chocolate – just the thing to perk up any gloomy November night!

Cheers: Enjoy with grilled pork loin, roast lamb or any tomato-based dishes.

Ingeno Nero D’Avola Organic

This organic red has a vibrant ruby hue with enticing aromas of blueberry and black cherry. The wine is beautifully integrated and concentrated with forest fruits and spiced plum on the palate and has a pleasing long, warming finish. Sadly the jury is still out on whether being organic means less of a hangover, but do let us know your experiences!

Cheers: Ideal on its own or with chargrilled meats and rich pasta dishes.

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