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Autumn harvest

We certainly do autumn well in this country! It’s when our natural larder is at its very best – late summer fruit and vegetables are bursting with sun-ripened goodness, orchards are ripe for the picking and late season root vegetables are coming to ground. It’s not called an autumn harvest for nothing!



If your only dealing with this delicious root veg is the annual Halloween carving, then make sure you eat your fill of the sweet flesh. Stir it into curries and risottos, blend it into a creamy soup with a hint of coconut milk and Thai spice or bake small pumpkins and stuff with rice and spice. The sweetness of pumpkin works well with fresh, fragrant spices such as sage and thyme or warming spices such as ginger.

Try this: make a warm pumpkin salad by roasting pumpkin wedges. Heat a pan of honey and cider vinegar until dissolved. Toss the roasted pumpkin with a salad of watercress, chopped shallot, pumpkin seeds and spoon over the dressing. Finish with crumbled feta cheese.



Around 2,300 apple varieties have been bred in the UK but you can’t beat our locally-picked apples from Clive’s Fruit Farm in Upton and Hayles Fruit Farm in Toddenham for freshness and flavour. Varieties include the usual favourites as well as some lesser known heritage varieties so you can have fun exploring new tastes and textures. Look out for freshly-pressed apple juice made on the farms too.

 Try this: make a child-friendly veggie slaw by finely chopping 2 apples, 2 carrots, 2 beetroot and ½ celeriac. Combine with a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. Add seasoning, a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds and fresh parsley.


A quintessential autumn fruit, pears often get overlooked in favour of apples at this time of year but they are just as versatile. Pear partnered with blackberry makes for a subtly flavoured crumble while pear and almond were made for each other – try making pear, almond and polenta traybakes with a handful of blueberries thrown in for good measure.

Try this: pears are great in salads too – try combining quartered pears with a salad of watercress, spinach and rocket. Add strips of Serrano ham, a handful of chopped walnuts and some crumbled Roquefort cheese and finish with a light vinaigrette.



Chestnut, button, closed cup and oyster, these little fungi come in all shapes and sizes! If you don’t fancy an autumnal afternoon foraging for your own, then take a look at our loose and pre-packed varieties. Use them in anything from stir fries to stews, from casseroles to curries, from pasta to pizza to pilaff! Experiment with different types for different flavours and textures…

Try this: for the ultimate treat, fry up some mushrooms in olive oil with a clove of crushed garlic and fresh thyme leaves. Toast some ciabatta and top with the mushroom mixture.

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