Autumn Harvest

There is a reason we celebrate the harvest at this time of the year – it is when our British, local produce is at its best. Late summer fruit and vegetables are bursting with sun-filled goodness while the hedgerows and orchards are full of juicy autumn fruit and the ground is teeming with all the goodness of root vegetables and hardy greens. Here’s where to get your autumn harvest this year…


Local harvest hotspots

Stroud Farmer’s Market

This multi award-winning market is held every Saturday until 2pm and showcases a range of produce from local farms and small-holders. This autumn you can expect a colourful selection of ruby, golden, and candied beetroots from Paget’s, sun-ripened tomatoes from Coleshill Organic, freshly-picked plums from Court Farm and a mind-boggling variety of apples and pears from Day’s Cottage.

Don’t miss: visit Day’s Cottage to try a slice of Adams’ Pearmain – a beautiful, rich flavoured apple, Pitmaston Pineapple, a sweet little yellow apple with an unusual pineapple flavor, and Ashmead’s Kernel, a russet bred in Gloucestershire in 1700 – full of flavor, crisp and juicy and a great storer.


Primrose Vale

This busy PYO has had a great strawberry season but now it’s the turn for pumpkins and gourds of all shapes and sizes. Come and choose your pumpkin and pick it straight out of the field. As well as pumpkins there is still lots of other fruit ripe for picking – autumn raspberries are at their best now, blackberries are sweet and full of flavour, and there are plenty of locally-grown apples and pears to choose from in the farm shop.

Don’t miss: as well as PYO, there are plenty of other goodies to pick up in the farm shop, including a huge variety of local apples, pears and plums.

Hayles Fruit Farm

The PYO season runs throughout the whole of September and October at this 100-acre fruit farm. Apples, pears and plums are ripe for the picking, all on branches that are easily reachable. There are around 12 varieties of apple to choose from, comice and conference pears while plums are either Victoria or Marjorie seedlings. The pear crop in particular is looking really promising this year.

Don’t miss: Hayles does a fantastic range of single variety apple juices, using apples freshly picked by hand from the farm. See Meet the Producer for more information.


Over Farm

Voted one of the best PYO farms in the UK by National Geographic, Over Farm is a popular family destination. New for 2021 was PYO sunflowers while October sees the ever-popular PYO pumpkins, in preparation for the spooky Halloween activities that take place each year at the farm. The fantastic farm shop stocks a range of farm-grown produce during the harvest season including strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, sweetcorn, marrows and courgettes and a number of squashes and gourds.

Don’t miss: look out for the new line-up for the Barn on the Farm festival 2022 – an intimate family festival with some big names!