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Easy-pick picnics

Picnic season is definitely upon us (if you don’t mind dodging the rain). That said, all thoughts are that we may have picnic weather again come mid-August. To make sure you’re ready to go once the sun shines, it’s a good idea to have your cupboards prepared with finger foods that are easy to pick and nibble (no cutlery or crockery required!). Here’s our pick of the best picnic foods…



Even if the weather isn’t exactly Mediterranean, you can still pretend you’re on holiday by packing some juicy Italian, Spanish or Greek olives. Our favourites are the marble-sized Nocellara olives from Sicily but any variety goes. Olives mixed with feta, garlic or other herbs work well – just don’t forget to pack the olive picks!

Try this: Morrison’s The Best Nocellara olives are hand-picked from Sicilian olive groves, selected for their mild, buttery flavour and firm texture.



It’s always such a delight when cherries come into store, a sign that the height of summer is with us. There have been increasing numbers of English cherries available over the last few years which is heartening as they are so delicious – you really should try to gobble them up while they’re in season. Plump cherries straight from the bag, cherry juice dribbling down your chin – what better picnic food is there?


These really are finger foods at their finest, and the bets thing of all – you can choose what salad or vegetable you like. The standard trio of battoned carrots, cucumbers and peppers always works well and gives a lovely rainbow effect, but you can be more adventurous and try parboiled green beans, baby gem leaves, whole French radishes, parboiled broccoli florets and baby corns.

Try this: no time to chop your own? Try Morrison’s ready-chopped carrot batons are an ideal time-saver.



Well, you need something to dip those crudités into! Shop-bought dips are fine and can easily be pepped up with a drizzle of olive oil and a smattering of zaatar. However, it really is child’s play to make your own dips and you can be as inventive as you need to be. Roasted aubergine mixed with tahini, smashed avocado with chilli and lime, puréed broad beans with mint, roasted beetroot with yogurt and cumin… the list really is endless!

Try this: make a whipped feta and butternut squash dip by roasting a whole butternut squash. Remove the flesh and put in a blender with some tahini, roast garlic, feta and olive oil. Combine and season to taste.

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