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Warner's Taste Club
The new takeaway that you never knew you needed, until now...
Warner's Taste Club - Easy like a Sunday roast
Warner's Taste Club - Easy like a Sunday roast

It was around February last year that the first whispers of coronavirus started to do the rounds. Here we are, almost a year later, and things we would never have conceived possible have taken place, all in less than twelve months.

The way people have adapted to the changing situation is remarkable, and none have been thrown in at the deep end more than our local pub landlords and restaurateurs. They have been inventing the wheel on an almost weekly basis, closing then opening, then closing and reopening again, turning bars into shops and community hubs, creating heated outdoor spaces for us Tier 2 folk to enjoy a socially-distanced night out, offering takeaway meals and home delivering their food to folk who need an evening off from cooking.

They’ve really had everything thrown at them which is why it’s all the more important that we actually now put our money where our mouths are and support them. And I’ve recently discovered a great new way to do this – Sunday roast takeaways. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be buying a Sunday roast to take home from the local, I would never have thought it possible. Sunday roast as a takeaway? Surely that’s sacrilegious? But, no – as it turns out, it’s really rather good.

It was my mum who first told me about the concept, having discovered that her local was offering takeaway roasts. This has become the highlight of her week, so naturally I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I got in touch with our local pub, the fantastic Plough Inn at Ford, and discovered that they too were offering Sunday roast takeaways.

And well, what a treat – we even struggled to finish everything, which I always think is the true sign of a good roast! There were Yorkshires with any meat of your choice, crackling with everything you wanted, seasonal vegetables, cauli cheese and little sides of home-made condiments, all presented in the largest aluminium trays I’ve ever seen that kept the food in tip top condition and most importantly, hot. And it was properly hot! None of that waiting around for five minutes for the gravy to thicken while everything goes cold on the plate. None of the greasy pots and pans to wash up which usually takes ten times as long as it takes the family to inhale their food. And best of all, the sofa was just a short roll away from our kitchen table – the perfect way to digest mountainous amounts of food.

While I still enjoy a classic, home-cooked Sunday lunch, and I’m looking forward to a roast by the fire in some Cotswold pub in the future, for now, I’m a convert. It would seem that in this new world order, just like video conferencing and online exercise classes, the Sunday roast takeaway is one more thing we never knew we needed.

Warner's Taste Club

The Plough Inn at Ford

The highly acclaimed Sunday roasts at this award-winning pub have been cooked and prepared by the same chef for 18 years. While it wasn’t unheard of for locals to ask for the odd Sunday roast takeout pre-Covid, now the pub is dishing out over 30 takeaway Sunday roasts a week. For more info on takeaway foods at the Plough Inn, visit theploughinnford.co.uk

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