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Why rosé should be top of the guest list for your summer party...
Warner's Taste Club - Good Food Guy
Warner's Taste Club - Good Food Guy
Warner's Taste Club - Good Food Guy

Sunshine and summer spell only one thing for me – and that’s rosé season. Rosé is a drink that’s made for chilling and socialising - with its Mediterranean style, chilled out vibe and uncomplicated nature, it’s the sort of guest that gets invited to everybody’s party!

And enjoying ourselves is surely on most people’s minds at the moment, who knows we may even dare to mention the word ‘party’. By the time you read this month’s column we may have finally got the go ahead for a full easing of lockdown restrictions, but even if that isn’t the case, there’s still a lot more freedom to be enjoyed this summer than we have been accustomed to.

It’s about getting back into the habit of seeing people again. We’ve all become a bit institutionalised over the last 12 months - we know we can go out and socialise and many of us really do have the urge for a proper night out, but we’re either a bit scared to, forgotten how to or it all just feels like too much effort.

That’s where rosé works perfectly. You don’t have to overthink it – as long as you’ve got a few decent bottles chilling in the fridge and a cupboard full of nibbles, you can host a spontaneous gathering in the garden and enjoy a stress-free evening. And, let’s face it, looking at things look right now, it may be the closest thing to a Mediterranean holiday we’re going to get this summer!

There’s little wonder that sipping rosé in the sun always reminds me of being in the south of France - everyone hails Provence rosés as the gold standard, and with their pale pink blush and subtle strawberry scent, they really are special – but there are still plenty of others from around the world that are well worth a look-in. We’ve even got some award-winning, stunning rosés that are grown and produced right here in the Cotswolds.

Top of the list has to be Woodchester Valley Vineyards and their haul of award-winning rosés. This boutique vineyard in the Stroud Valleys has been making quite a name for itself with its rosé wine since going into production in 2016 and each year the bottles fly off the shelves. So much so that this year’s 2020 Wine GB award-winning Pinot Rosé 2019 is already out of stock, but you can still get your hands on the Rosé Brut 2018 and their classic Rosé. The sparkling Rosé Brut has won Gold and Silver awards at Wine GB in consecutive years recently and it really is a great home-grown party drink. With its subtle fruity flavours and toasted brioche notes it’s a more sophisticated alternative to prosecco and a reminder that our home-grown wines can rival many of the big champagne houses on the other side of the pond. The classic Rosé also boasts multiple awards and is popular for its cherry fruitiness while maintaining a deliciousness dryness on the palate at the same time.

So, if you’re hankering after a care-free night out that transports you to sunnier climes, stock up on some Cotswolds rosé this summer!

Think pink!

Taken from this month’s Cotswold Life magazine.

Woodchester Valley Vineyard cellar door wineshop is located on the A46 at South Woodchester. Call 07523 967 219 or visit woodchestervalleyvineyard.co.uk for opening times and details of tasting events.