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KIND Crunchy Peanut Butter Protein Snack

Was very tasty and really enjoyed it. Thank you

Sue Hampson


Claire Lee

Very tasty, just right

Sylwia Yeomans

My husband thought the bar really tasty and not too sweet.

Barbara Rayment

Very nice and very peanut.

Bernard McGraghan

Enjoyed this bar immensely. Would take one on days out to snack on.

Pat McGraghan

Really nice not to sweet

Zoe Hopkins

£5 worth of Taste Club points

Good idea.

Rose Linehan

Good idea.

Susan Corlett

Great offer and thanks for all you efforts to keep the shelves stocked - but still no pasta!

Patricia Wilson

Well done, thank you for your support.

Ann Gregg

Good idea - helps us all.

Anita Adams

Great idea thank you.

M Barlow

Thank you, most welcome. Some good news for a change.

Steve Ogden

Thank you.

Wendy Lancaster

Great idea. Maybe we could all buy something extra to donate to a food bank.

Angie Sumner

Well done Budgens - coming up trumps as ever.

Gillian Carr

Simple is good.

Paul Hitchman

Excellent idea.

Jacky Reid

Good idea in these times.

Sue Sandars

Very helpful thank you.

Denise Wye

Wonderful idea. Thank you!

Joan Humphrys

Really good idea and thank you.

Zoe Hopkins

Very nice idea.

Hilary Green

Brilliant idea, thank you.

Sue Hampson

What a great idea! Keep up the good work everyone. The staff at Bidford-on-Avon are doing a fabulous job! Well done.

Denise Woodman

In the current situation where not everything is available this is a very good solution.

Graeme Wood


Mary Rickards

Thank you!

Rosalind-Marie Fallon

Great idea!

Emily Bristow

Seems like a great idea.

Darren Whitney

Very generous. Good service in the Bidford store during this pandemic. Thanks

Emma Fisher


William Urquhart

Thank you to your amazing staff and for the service you give.

Ann Walker

Thank you very much.

liz Shephard

That is brilliant and so kind. Thank you very much.

Melanie Harris

Great thank you all for your continued service.

Angela Lawlan

Great thank you very much.

Patricia South

A brilliant idea for this crisis.

Pat McGraghan

Brioche Pasquier Pitch 4 Pack

A very nice snack the boys finished in no time didn’t get chance to try one myself.

Colin Fairman