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FREE Taste: Chocolate Doughnut!

Warner's Taste Club - Chocolate Doughnut
FREE this month!

About the FREE product

It’s important to enjoy a little treat every now and again, especially after 4 months of lockdown, so enjoy our treat to you this month – an extra chocolatey indulgent doughnut!

Yes, we know it’s naughty, but in these strange times, a little bit of indulgence is exactly what we need – let’s call it self-care!

Choose from a Cadbury’s Chocolate doughnut or an Oreo Cookie doughnut...which one will tempt you?

Smothered inside and out with gooey, dribble-down-your-chin sauce and rich, chocolate icing, these doughnuts will release the inner child in you and keep you smiling!

To claim your FREE chocolate doughnut, simply choose your variety and scan your Taste Club Reward Card when paying.

As always, we’d love to hear from you – do drop us an email to let us know how much you enjoyed (or didn’t!) this month’s FREE Taste...