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Bottlegreen Drinks
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Bottlegreen Drinks
Bottlegreen Drinks

Bottlegreen Drinks

If ever there was a local success story to be heralded, it’s Bottlegreen Drinks from Stroud. Who knew that foraging for elderflowers was going to be such big business one day?

Just in the last few years, elderflower cordial has gone from being a rather sugary home-made concoction to something sophisticated and aspirational. ‘Grown-up squash’ has seeped into the British conscience and like sponges, we’ve soaked up as much as we can of this very English summertime drink; we love it with sparkling water, gin and prosecco; we add it to cream, sorbet and ice cream – where elderflower is concerned, we can’t get enough!

Thanks to the popularity of its inaugural hand-picked elderflower cordial, Bottlegreen then gave us elderflower pressé, and most recently, a new range of elderflower blends, Light Infusions. These low-calorie alternatives are available in hand-picked elderflower or elderflower & lemon or elderflower & raspberry flavours.

But just in case, after all this, elderflower isn’t your thing, there is more! Inspired by English hedgerows, Bottlegreen cordials and pressés are also available in a variety of other flavours including apple & plum, plump summer raspberry, rhubarb & ginger and sloe & juniper.

So, if you’re looking to quench your thirst this summer, find yourself a large glass, top it with ice and take your pick!

Find out more here: bottlegreendrinks.com

£1 off Bottlegreen Drinks

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Friday 3rd July – Sunday 19th July 2020 in our Bidford-on-Avon store.

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