Adlington Turkeys

Not just for Christmas, Rod Adlington shows us why turkey should be on the menu all year round, along with his other award-winning products…



A family affair

Established in 1956, Adlington has been supplying turkeys for your Christmas feast for three generations. The company is now run by Rod Adlington whose grandparents originally started the business at the family farm in Warwickshire.


A sustainable business

Rod is very much a devotee of the ‘field to fork’ philosophy and everything on the farms is run with sustainability in mind. For example, the oats for the birds’ diet and straw for their bedding come from a neighbouring arable farmer.
The farm itself has 200 solar panels which provides daytime electricity on a sunny day, and all water used at the farm comes from a water filtration reed bed.

Happy birds

The turkeys are naturally reared using traditional turkey farming methods that have been perfected and passed down through Rod’s family. This has helped to create the award-winning taste and texture that Adlington turkeys have become renowned for.

The birds are all reared by hand to exceptionally high standards, with over three times the amount of space to roam in barns as designated by the EEC. They are all free from hormones and growth promoters, and the meat is free from additives or preservatives. To make the meat as moist and tender as possible, the birds are all hung after slaughter, and all animals are fully traceable.


Christmas showcase

As well as traditional turkeys for Christmas, Adlington supplies a range of festive feasts.

Try one of the company’s award-winning three-bird roasts for Christmas – choose the three-bird roast of either turkey stuffed with pheasant within a duck, or goose stuffed with pheasant within a chicken, or duck stuffed with guinea fowl within a turkey.

Or go for the show-stopping six-bird roast – a prime turkey stuffed with five other birds!

But it's not just for Christmas...

As well as turkeys for Christmas, Adlington has plenty of other meat available all year round. This includes the award-winning Adlington smoked turkey, the award-winning English Label free range chicken, the two gold star winning oak smoked ham and a range of other cooked and smoked meats.