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Shop-bought cakes and bakes shouldn’t taste so good – until you learn that they are created with the same passion, pleasure, and pride that you’d put into baking them yourself. Here’s why Beau’s Bakehouse is our favourite tea-time treat…


Beau’s Bakehouse is a small bakery in Frampton-on-Severn, run by Jacqui Cowper-Smith, whose love of baking comes from her New Zealand-born grandmother, Beau.

In the 1920s, Beau, ran her own ‘Cake Kitchen’ in New Zealand, perfecting and selling cakes using her very own family fruit cake, brownie and porter cake recipes. Her incredible passion for baking, and skills in creating recipes that wow, have lived on and found their new home in the Cotswolds, under the careful guidance of Jacqui and her small team.


Cakes and bakes are made today using Beau’s treasured recipes, and those founding principles of baking with passion and pride have ensured that Beau’s Bakehouse treats have become the go-to brand for a taste of the home-baked.

The idea for Beau’s Bakehouse began in 2008 when Jacqui started out selling shortcakes, made to her grandmother’s recipe, and other bakes at local farmers’ markets. Word soon got out and as demand grew, so did the business.

There is only a small workforce at Beau’s Bakehouse but they all have one thing in common – they love baking cakes. As Jacqui rightly says, ‘nothing beats a freshly baked cake’ and every cake is baked and delivered fresh that day (or the next day if there is an unusually high demand).

As well as loaf cakes and traybake, you can find incredible celebration cakes (hello Chocolate Fudge with Salted Caramel Buttercream!), seasonal cakes (yes please to Elderflower & Lemon!), vegan cakes (introducing Chocolate Cherry…) and gluten free cakes (we adore the Lemon & Polenta!).


Everything is handmade from scratch in small batches – that includes the curd for the lemon curd shortcakes, the caramel for the caramel shortcakes and all the cake batters and mixes ­– all using local ingredients where possible.

There are no powdered mixes or ready-made fillings in this bakehouse – as Jacqui says, ‘you can’t beat the satisfaction of taking a sponge out of the oven knowing you’ve made it’! And with bakers sometimes turning out up to 80 sponges in a day, that’s a whole lot of satisfaction going on!


Here are Beau’s Bakehouse Best Bakes:



Caramel Shortcake

There are no shortcuts to this labour of love – a thick layer of good quality Belgian chocolate on top, Jacqui’s signature shortcake recipe for the base, but it’s the middle layer that really sets these apart ­– a gooey caramel of the consistency you can only get from hours of painstaking stirring by hand.


Chocolate Brownies

A good brownie is all about getting the consistency right, which can only be achieved by not skimping on ingredients. Made from 70% chocolate, these are just the right side of squidgy – the sort of brownie you wish you could make at home. No wonder they are Beau’s Bakehouse’s bestselling items.


Carrot Cake

Moist, creamy, and bursting with flavour, this cake launched Beau’s Bakehouse into Gloucester Services on the M5, so has rather a special place in Jacqui’s recipe book. It is a dense, fruity cake, chockful of grated carrot and walnuts and topped with a generous layer of zesty cream cheese frosting.


Lemon Curd Shortcake

Based on Beau’s original shortcake recipe, this teatime treat takes indulgence to a new level! Sandwiched inside the buttery, handmade shortbread is a layer of zesty lemon curd, also made by hand, creating the perfect balance of richness and fruitiness – you have to try it too believe it!

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