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Berry's Luxury Ice Cream & Desserts


Berry's Luxury Ice Cream

It’s not just children who enjoy ice cream! These award-winning, indulgent desserts are just the thing when entertaining or simply to enjoy as a grown-up treat. And now a new team has taken the reins and is busy preparing more award-winning ice creams and desserts ready for the summer season…


Although it has operated under different names and ownership, Berry’s Luxury Ice Cream has not fundamentally changed for 30 years. Namely, to create rich and indulgent luxury ice creams and desserts, made from ingredients located in the heart of the three counties.


Some of you may remember the brand as Just Rachel’s, when it was first launched in 1980 as a small, artisan cottage ice cream industry by Rachel Hicks.

Today, the company is run by Charlotte and John, unofficially known as ‘Charlie & Johnny’ and not to be confused with another rather famous brand of luxury ice creams, Ben & Jerry!

Working with award-winning chef Sue Stinchcombe, the company has created a smorgasbord of  delicious grown-up ice cream and desserts.

The recipes have not strayed too far from Rachel’s original ethos of using totally natural products and 100% cream in the ice creams, but the range has grown to take in the frozen dessert market.


Indulgent ice cream flavours include the oh so popular Gooseberry and Elderflower,  Damson & Sloe Gin, and Blackcurrant Ripple. There is a range of dairy free ice creams and sorbets to match.

Desserts include Blackcurrant roulade, Herefordshire Apple Tart and the newly launched Salted Caramel  & Coffee Profiteroles.


Here are some our favourites:


Gooseberry and Elderflower Luxury Ice Cream

Fresh from winning three Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards in 2022, this luxury ice cream is the one to have in your freezer this summer. Made with all natural ingredients, it is a high-quality treat, perfect for a hot summer’s day! The rich fruitiness of the locally sourced gooseberries, grown in Herefordshire, combined with a tangy freshness of the elderflower, creates a delicious sublime flavour that lingers on the taste buds. Also available as a sorbet.


Damson & Sloe Gin Luxury Ice Cream

The winner of two Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards, this luxury ice cream is made with all natural ingredients, no additives and is a naughty but nice grown-up treat! The damsons used in this premium ice cream are locally sourced Hereford damsons and give the ice cream a fabulously tangy flavour and rich crimson colour. Combine all this with a splash of Sloe Gin, and you’ll see why this indulgent ice cream is a winner!


Lime & Coconut Liqueur Dairy Free Ice Cream

Can there be a flavour that is more synonymous with holidays and good times than Lime & Coconut? This ice cream combines these sunny flavours with a shot of liqueur to create a heady grown-up treat. This ice cream is part of the Dairy Free/Vegan range, made with coconut cream, coconut purée, lime zest, lime juice and a splash of coconut liqueur. Just the thing to enjoy while dreaming of Pina Coladas on holiday!


Pear Frangipane Tart

Frozen desserts are a very French tradition – go to any dinner party in France and the dessert will usually be shop bought. So, why not start the trend over here in the Cotswolds? This delicious and wonderfully light tart combines the fruity flourish of pears with the sweet, nutty almond-flavoured frangipane. Give it a dusting of icing sugar as you take it out of the oven and perhaps a scoop of 100% natural vanilla ice cream and you have a truly scrumptious pudding.

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