Bottlegreen Drinks

Could there be anything more patriotic than elderflower cordial? From foraging in hedgerows in the 1980s to global success today, the story of this very English drinks brand shows you can achieve great things while staying true to your roots…


How did Bottlegreen come about?

We were founded by husband and wife, Kit & Shireen, in 1989. Wine makers by trade, they were passionate about creating drinks of unrivalled quality. They developed a unique cold filtration process, traditionally used for wine making, to remove impurities and sediment ensuring exceptional clarity of liquid. After over 30 successful years, we still use the same unique process to deliver the best taste experience. We have stayed true to our roots. Our founders’ ethos, care and attention set the foundation for who we are today.


Where are your drinks produced?

We’re proud of the fact that despite being an international brand, our products are produced at our Mill in the heart of the Cotswolds, where it all began. All of our products use Cotswold spring water, drawn from our very own spring at our factory.

Where do you find your elderflower and other fruits?

Exceptional flavour and quality is at the heart of everything we do at bottlegreen. We know our consumers are looking for interesting and exotic flavour pairings. With a globally-inspired range, our team of flavour experts carefully source ingredients of the finest quality from around the world.


Why do you think elderflower has become such a popular drink choice?

The delicate floral notes of elderflower creates a deliciously refreshing soft drink. Elderflower’s taste profile is highly versatile, pairing perfectly with a wide range of food and alcohol too!

How do you keep innovating?

We love to keep in touch with our consumers to understand their wants and needs and also take inspiration from other categories. Our flavour experts are always keeping an eye on global flavour trends, to bring new and exciting pairings to our range.


What makes bottlegreen different to other soft drinks brands?

We produce all of our product with a cold filtration process, unique to bottlegreen! By filtering out any impurities and sediment, we are able to ensure the exceptional clarity of liquid and crisp flavour that we are renowned for. It also gives our cordials their luxurious velvety texture. We also use Cotswold Spring water in all of our products which is drawn from our very own spring at the bottlegreen factory.

What is your most popular/best-selling drink?

There is something for everyone within our range but a firm favourite for our consumers has to be our Hand-Picked Elderflower drinks.

And our new  two flavours are perfect for Bank Holiday – Lime & Mint and Orange & Lemon.


How should people best enjoy your drinks?

Our versatile range of cordials can be diluted with still, sparkling or hot water. Pairing well with a range of alcohol, our highly concentrated recipe is great for adding depth of flavour to cocktail and mocktail serves. For an extra burst of flavour, you can even try using our cordials in baking!

Our range of sparkling pressé is the perfect accompaniment to food, offering the optimum balance of flavour and carbonation. Best served chilled and over ice.