Burke's Beers

It was growing up in a pub in London that gave Sam Burke the taste for creating her own beers here in the Cotswolds. Based in Blockley, near Chipping Camden, Sam set up her nano brewery in 2017 making two beers – Shin Kickers, a pale ale with a crisp and refreshing flavour, and Blockley Blonde, a thirst-quenching golden ale with a hint of elderflower.

‘Local produce, made with knowledge and care’ are her buzzwords, and the two beers certainly support this ethos. All the ingredients – the hops, yeast and malt, and even the bottles – are British, and the beers are named after local legends – Shin Kickers after one of the events at the Cotswold Olimpics, held annually at Dover’s Hill near Chipping Camden, and Blockley Blonde after Sam’s home village, a Cotswold gem that was once the centre of the silk trade.

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