Cotswold Butter

Not all butter is equal and this double churned farmhouse butter proves just that. An indulgent blend of fresh cream finished with a generous pinch of sea salt crystals makes this a truly better butter – spread it onto crusty fresh bread or let it ooze onto toasted crumpets and you’ll not need to add anything else.

The butter is made using cream from grass-fed cows in the south-west and increasingly the Cotswolds, and natural variations in flavour and colour do occur in the butter as the cows’ diets change through the seasons. The only addition to the butter is Maldon sea salt which brings out the butter’s natural sweetness followed by a deliciously pleasing salty aftertaste. Use the butter for baking and cooking by all means but enjoy it at its best when it’s dripping like liquid gold over jacket potatoes, corn on the cobs and toasted muffins. For further details visit: