Drew's of Worcester

There’s tomato juice and then there’s Drews of Worcester tomato juice! Made from whole fresh tomatoes, each bottle of this red delight contains at least 70% tomato. This gives it a refreshingly light and pure flavour which is great on its own or as a mixer.

The Drew family have been producing tomatoes and salads for over 50 years at Haven Nurseries, Little Witley, in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside. Their tomato crops are grown using natural methods for pollination, pest and disease control and they use highly flavoured tomato varieties.

To make the delicious Drews juice, the fruits are harvested when they are fully red and ripe to give a drink with a full bodied aromatic taste. As well as tasting divine, the good news is that this low-calorie drink is also very good for you – ripe, red tomatoes are generally rich in Lycopene which is an excellent antioxidant, and will contribute to your five a day portion of fruit and vegetables.

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