Ethical Addictions Coffee

When you have a cup of Ethical Addictions Coffee you know you can properly enjoy it. Not only do the single estate beans and house blends produce delicious coffee but the whole ethos behind the Gloucester-based company is creating a fairer and more transparent trade, direct with the famers who grow the beans. EA’s Flo Neave spills the beans…


How did EA Coffee come about?

Ian and Dave set up EA Coffee back in 2006 with a passion to drink really good coffee that makes a difference to the farmers and communities that grow it.

Having made connections with coffee farmers in Tanzania, they decided to start EA’s model of direct trade, buying straight from the farmer and paying the true value of the coffee they grow.

Since then, EA has continued to grow and develop new relationships with farmers in Africa and South America.


How do you source the beans?

This is the heartbeat of EA. We believe in caring at every level from farm to cup. This, at its core, requires us to care for the farmers and communities that grow the beans that will end up in your cup.

The standard process of sourcing coffee beans is to buy through traders who buy and sell on commodities markets, each making a profit with every sale. At EA we do things a little differently (maybe a lot differently).

We buy directly from the people who grow the coffee, this means that no-one in the middle is taking an unfair slice of the pie. Consequently we can pay the farmers we work with what their coffee is really worth. This allows them to invest in their farms, families and communities.

Our direct trade model also gives us the privilege of really getting to know the farmers and their families, being able to regularly visit and come alongside their communities and support with various projects (such as our water project in Tanzania).

What makes a good roast?

A good roast is simply how the coffee tastes at the end of it. There are some things that contribute to a good cup, such as the consistency of roast, good quality green bean and attention to detail overall.

Roasting in its simplest terms is the application of heat to green coffee giving you the flavours you know and love in your cup.

Getting it right to emphasise the unique flavours of each origin takes knowledge, practice and experience.


Describe the roasting process a bit...

By applying heat to the green coffee, a whole bunch of chemical reactions occur within the bean. These reactions break down long starch molecules into shorter, sweeter molecules. This makes the coffee taste less grassy.

Other reactions depend on the contents of the bean (this changes based on where it was grown, the varietal, how much rain etc – it’s a bit like wine!) and will cause other unique flavours to develop.

Different flavours develop at different times in the roast and this influences how long we will roast the coffee for in order to maximise the different notes within the bean.

What is your best-selling roast?

The majority of coffee shops we supply use our World Select Espresso Blend – our signature coffee that has developed over the years, offering an impressive espresso that blends beautifully through milk too.

However, for at-home customers with a range of brewing methods, our Machare Kilimanjaro and Brazil Vira Mao prove the most popular.


What is the best way to make a great coffee at home using your beans?

It’s a bit of a cop-out. But it really does depend on (1) what flavours you like in your coffee (we’re not talking about syrups, although if you use syrups, no judgement here!) and (2) how you make your coffee.

If you’re lucky enough to have an at-home espresso machine, we recommend our World Select, Duo and even our Brazilian will work nicely. If you’re after a pour over or cafetiere, any of our single origin or Animal Blends will work beautifully.

In truth it comes down to what you like and the care you take making it. We are readily available (and really enjoy) conversations with customers who need advice as they learn more and experiment at home.