Fatherson Bakery

When Fatherson Bakery was formed in 2007 by two fathers and two sons, Warner’s stores were the first ones they supplied.  Based in Alcester, the Fatherson name has grown over the years and now has a huge following. That’s not surprising when their cakes and pies are this good!

Using traditional baking methods and the finest local ingredients where possible, their products contain no preservatives or additives, and it shows – customers often comment how they’ve passed off one of the divine double sponges as their own!

The sponges come in tempting flavours such as chocolate fudge, cappuccino and lemon, and what makes the fruit pies so special are the chunky pieces of fruit you find lurking inside, whether its Bramley apples, whole cherries or quarters of apricots, all topped with hand-made pastry.

For more information visit www.fathersonbakery.com