Fowlers of Earlswood

One of the oldest cheese-making families in the country, Fowlers has been making handcrafted cheeses for 13 generations. The dairy is based among the leafy pastures of Earlswood, and has produced several Gold and Silver award-winning products.

The Original Sage Derby follows a recipe that is over 100 years old to produce a mellow-flavoured cheese that is traditionally layered and topped with a sprinkling of Sage. The hand-crafted traditional Forest Blue is soft-rinded and has a firm but creamy texture. It is matured in humidity-controlled cellars, which allows the bluing to take place without hurrying the maturing process. Fowlers block cheese is the ideal accompaniment to a Ploughman’s lunch, and comes in four strengths from mild to extra, extra mature.

All cheeses are suitable for vegetarians, and the family take pride in their environment and animal welfare standards. The dairy uses water that is naturally high in calcium, pumped from a 1,000 foot deep bore hole on the farm. This and the family cheese-making secrets that have been handed down through the years are what makes Fowlers cheeses so distinctive.

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