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Frank's Luxury Biscuits


Frank’s Luxury Biscuits

Chunky and chewy with a satisfying snap, you’ve not tasted anything until you’ve chomped on these best-selling oat biscuits. With over 20 flavours to choose from, there’s an Oatie for everyone, making them the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


The idea for Frank’s Luxury Biscuits came about after Frank Cornthwaite began baking oat biscuits to raise money for his church. Using his mum’s original recipe, the biscuits proved so popular with family and friends that Frank was persuaded to start marketing the biscuits.

Frank established the business in 2002 after taking early retirement, baking biscuits from home and selling them in the local vicinity. But within six months, demand was so high that Frank and his wife Lesley had to look for larger premises to work from.

In April 2004, business was booming and Lesley joined the baking team full-time, developing a range of cakes alongside the biscuit ranges. Lesley’s son James joined in 2011 after launching a range of Mini Bites and smaller treat-size biscuits.

The biscuits are all baked by hand, using ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible. The range of biscuits is constantly evolving but currently includes oaties, shortbreads, flapjacks and fruit cakes.


Ideas for new flavours came about by accident after Frank ran out of oats for the biscuits one day. To boost the oat content, Frank topped up his recipe with Alpen and the results were so good that he realised he was on to something. Frank has been experimenting with new flavour ideas ever since and currently has 25 oatie flavours in the range.

The Chocolate Chip Oatie is the best-selling biscuit, but other popular flavours include the Rocky Road Oaties, Toffee Oaties and Half-Dipped honeycomb and Milk Chocolate Oaties. Popular Boxed Shortbread flavours include Caramel and Sea Salt Fudge, Raspberry and Stem Ginger.

Frank produces a number of seasonal flavours too – look out for the Easter Biscuits, oaties with dried fruit and mixed spices, and a special Coronation Biscuit, oaties with strawberry and white chocolate chips half-coated in white chocolate.

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