Hogan's Cider

These deliciously refreshing ciders and perries are made from fresh pressed apples and pears grown in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. No chemical sprays or fertilisers, no sugar before fermentation and no apple or pear juice concentrate. Just fruit, pure and simple.

Harvesting is when the cider-making process begins and takes place in autumn. The fruit is thoroughly washed and pulped to a porridge-like consistency. The pulp is then pressed to extract the juice – about a pint of juice from every kilo of apples.

The next stage is slow and cold fermentation which takes place in large stainless steel containers. This can take up to four months while the sugar turns to alcohol. After this comes maturation, which can last several months followed by blending to achieve the crucial balance between alcohol strength, tannins, acidity and sweetness – something Hogan’s do to perfection!

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