Oldfields Cider

The Thompson family have been making cider at their farm in the Teme Valley in Worcestershire for over 60 years. When the family took on Oldfields farm, it was a hilly, scrub-filled small-holding, but armed with an old cider press, an apple scratter and a can-do attitude, the cider soon began to flow.

Every year, since1960, cider has been produced at the farm. Initially it was for friends and neighbours – a much-anticipated treat for a village bonfire night or other celebrations – and a refreshing glass of cider was what kept the thirst of the sheep shearers and the hop-harvesters quenched during the busy summer months at the farm.

However, this rural idyll changed in 2013 as demand for Oldfields cider kept on growing. The creaky apple press that the family had arrived with was retired as the family decided to start making their cider commercially. Today, the farm has shiny state of the art cider pressing and packing facilities that helps to keep up with the growing thirst for Oldfields Ciders..

‘Put in the graft and do it right’, is the family motto and it is this ethos that has turned a run-down family small-holding into a thriving cider production facility. Even with all the shiny new equipment, that ethos is at the heart of Oldfields Cider – the apple trees are all pruned by hand, no concentrate is used in the making of the ciders and it’s why the family took the decision to keep every part of the cider-making process in-house.

From planting the fruit trees to packing the cider bottles and kegs, the family’s commitment to hard work and doing things right means Oldfields Ciders are produced with meticulous attention to detail – resulting in the multi award-winning ciders we know and love today!




Original 4.8%

An easy-drinking fruit-packed, cider drinkers’ cider. Refreshingly crisp and clear whilst delicately carbonated. This cider has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication status as a real Worcestershire Cider. This means it contains 100% bittersweet cider apples grown and pressed in Worcestershire.

Awards: International Cider Challenge New World Style Cider – Silver 2020; Medium Cider – Bronze 2017


Medium Dry 4.8%

Packed full of fruit, the gentle tannins from the skins and pips provide a mouth-tingling depth of flavour to this crisp, refreshing cider.​ Listed in the Top 10 British Ciders by ‘The Independent’, 2017. This cider has also been awarded Protected Geographical Indication status as a real Worcestershire Cider.

Awards: International Cider Challenge Tannin Led Cider – Bronze 2022; New World Style Cider – Silver 2020, Silver 2019, Bronze 2018; Medium Cider – Silver 2015, Great Taste Awards – 1-Star 2018, 1-Star 2015


Berry 4.0%

A quintessential blend of bittersweet cider infused with freshly pressed blackcurrant juice to create a refreshing, fruit cider. No sugary-sweet fruit cider, here – just a simple real cider alternative to what a fruit cider should be.

Awards: International Cider Challenge Flavoured Cider – Bronze 2019, Ludlow Food Festival Best New Product – Silver 2019


Applefresco 6.0%

A new way to celebrate those special occasions. This sparkling drink is crisp, dry, and elegantly effervescent, with a delicately light appearance distinctive of its red Discovery apple source. Rated 5-star by ‘The Guardian’, 2023.

Awards: International Wine & Spirit Competition Alternative Drinks, International Cider Challenge Acid Led Cider – Gold 2022; New World Style Cider – Silver 2020, Gold 2019, Great Taste Awards – 1-Star 2020, 1-Star 2019

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