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Warner's Taste Club Warner's Taste Club
Working with local farms, Imogen Woolhouse can guarantee that Cotswold Eggs are as fresh as possible – which makes them perfect for poaching!
Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
  1. Tell us about Cotswold Eggs?

    Cotswold Eggs was set up in 1972 in a Cotswold village by the Plank Family. They owned the business for 30 years and Cotswold Eggs continues to be a family business run by myself and my family. We sell fresh quality eggs from our base in Sibford, Oxfordshire on the Cotswold border. Coming from a farming background, I am passionate about animals and the outdoors and love the daily interaction with our wonderful customers, making me feel very grateful for having a business like Cotswold Eggs.

    We are looking forward to celebrating our 50th birthday in a couple of years’ time. It is going to be very eggciting!

    Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
  2. Who is behind the brand?

    The Woolhouse family! I run the business on a day to day basis and in the holidays my husband and two children help with anything from packing, cleaning the unit to delivering the eggs. My sons love to sell our eggs outside our house, as they are only 6- and 4-years-old it can be very funny to watch and sweet!

    My dad and father-in-law are regularly roped in to pack and deliver eggs. It really is a family affair. The other member of our team is Jack, our fab van driver and unit manager.

  3. How many farms do you work with?

    We work closely with one main farm to supply our chicken eggs and a farmer for the quail and duck eggs. We are ‘Happerly’-registered as the transparency from farm to fork is very important for us, our customers and consumers.

    Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
  4. Where are the farms based?

    Our chicken eggs are farm-based near Gloucestershire based on the lush grass near the banks of the River Seven. Come rain or shine the chickens have 15 acres of lush grass Cotswold fields to roam. The chickens are fed on the farm’s quality own-grown wheat, helping the great taste of the eggs.

    The free-range duck eggs come from a farm a couple of miles from our base in Sibford and the Greenham quail eggs are from East Sussex.

  5. What values do you look for in your farmers?

    All our farmers need to share our values and high quality standards across their whole business: the chickens health and welfare, egg quality and freshness, up-to-date processes and regulations and reliable service.

    The farms operate to very high standards of hygiene and welfare, and the hens are subject to a strict salmonella monitoring and vaccination programme. Our free-range hens are RSPCA Freedom Food accredited, which means there are regular inspections to ensure the hens are all kept to strict RSPCA welfare standards (RSPCA Freedom Food). The organic eggs also have regular certification checks to ensure their high organic standards are met.

    With the hens being fed on farm-grown maize it not only means great-tasting eggs but also minimal road miles, so better for the environment.

    Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
  6. How fresh are your eggs?

    Really fresh and that‘s what Cotswold Eggs is all about. As we source the eggs from local farms, the time it takes to get the eggs from farm to shop is extremely short – from the same day to just a couple of days from being laid. This guarantees a delicious fresh egg.

  7. What different types of eggs can we buy from you?

    You can get most eggs you can think of, from free-range eggs (small to extra large), organic eggs, duck and quail eggs. We are always looking to supply other types of egg, for example we are currently looking at selling pheasant eggs while they are in season.

    Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
  8. How many eggs do you sell a day or week?

    That is a tricky question – at the moment with Covid 19 things are rather unpredictable!

  9. What are your best-selling eggs?

    Larger free-range eggs although medium free-range eggs seem to be on a roll!

  10. Which is your favourite egg?

    It is a toss-up between a quail and a free-range egg.

    Warner's Taste Club - Cotswold Eggs
  11. How do you like your eggs?

    That is a tough one but I think it would have to be a poached egg!

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