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Warner's Taste Club
Organic milk is where it all starts for this creamy, dreamy, locally-made ice cream.
Warner's Taste Club - Spot Loggins
Warner's Taste Club - Spot Loggins
Warner's Taste Club - Spot Loggins
  1. What makes Spot Loggins ice cream so creamy?

    The rich creamy milk that comes from our herd of organic cows at Bretforton together with added double cream churned in the traditional Italian Gelato style combine to give Spot Loggins a rich creamy flavour.

    Warner's Taste Club - Spot Loggins
  2. How many flavours do you produce?

    We produce around 13 flavours regularly and three seasonally.

  3. What is your best-selling flavour?

    Vanilla and Honeycomb are about level pegging as far as being the best sellers.

    Warner's Taste Club - Spot Loggins
  4. Is all your ice cream organic?

    Only the milk is organic in our ice cream, the rest of the ingredients being natural.

  5. Where does the name come from?

    There is a legend in the village of Bretforton that the well known as Spot Loggins Well which is in the field opposite the dairy unit is haunted by a ghost of a cattle drover by the same name.

  6. How many litres of ice cream do you make a week?

    We make approximately 500 litres of ice cream a week using about 300 litres of milk although this does vary between summer and winter.

    Warner's Taste Club - Spot Loggins
  7. Where do you source your ingredients?

    We source our ingredients from reputable suppliers and locally where possible, e.g. our own milk, local cream, local fruit, asparagus and lavender.