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Warner's Taste Club
With a strong legacy to build upon, Kitchen Garden Foods has some exciting new developments in store for 2021 says Director and Co-owner, James Horwood
Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods
Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods
Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods
Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods
  1. How many products does Kitchen Garden produce?

    Kitchen Garden has over 80 products across jam, chutney, marmalade and condiments – and the Wolfys Porridge brand.

    Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods
  2. What was your first ever product and how did it come about?

    Our first ever product was Blackberry and Apple jam. Barbara first made this in 1989 using fruit from local hedgerows, and on that day, Kitchen Garden was born. We still have Blackberry and Apple jam in our range now, made using the same recipe!

  3. What is your best-selling product?

    Our Old Spot Real Ale Chutney is one of our best-selling lines; rich and fruity, we make this using Old Spot beer from Uley Brewery.

    Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods
  4. How many jars do you fill a week?

    About 5,000 (that’s across our range and the products we make for other companies).

    Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods
  5. What makes your preserves different to others on the market?

    We’ve been making jams and chutneys in Stroud for over 30 years and have received over 100 awards for what we do. Everything we do is made by hand to traditional recipes. We’re also big enough to cope, but small enough to be able to adapt. There’s nothing more I love than to supply amazing independent retailers, farmshops and delis. We have a real passion for that.

  6. How many products have won awards?

    Many of our Kitchen Garden products have won multiple awards and many others for us as a company and what we stand for. One of our most special awards was a posthumous award for Barbara Moinet – she won the Cotswold Food Hero award at the 2017 Cotswold Life award – the most prestigious at the event.

  7. What’s new for 2021?

    Good Question! 2021 holds some very exciting things for our company. We’re about to launch Wolfys Porridge into British Airways, and James Moinet and I are working on a whole new brand – something crazy and not really like anything else on the market. More about that later...

    Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods
  8. What product should Taste Club members try next?

    Members should absolutely try the Tewkesbury Mustard – an amazing blend of English Mustard and Horseradish!

  9. Which is your favourite Kitchen Garden product?

    My favourite product has to be the Tewkesbury Mustard, Beetroot Chutney or Lemon Curd.

    Warner's Taste Club - Kitchen Garden Foods

From the kitchen table of founder Barbara Moinet, to distribution nationwide and overseas, Kitchen Garden has seen steady growth since its humble beginnings back in 1989. The 'fresh face' of Kitchen Garden, James & James are recognised throughout the artisan food scene as having excellent business acumen with a diverse understanding of current food trends. Equipped with experience, new ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to deliver the best possible customer experience, they're set to build upon the very successful legacy Barbara left behind.

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