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Warner's Taste Club
Lockdown didn’t stop the awards from coming for Purity Brewing Co, which has now been recognised over 100 times by some of the world’s most highly-regarded brewing industry bodies: Head of Marketing Paul Brazier tells us why...
Warner's Taste Club - Purity Brewing Co
Warner's Taste Club - Purity Brewing Co
Warner's Taste Club - Purity Brewing Co
Warner's Taste Club - Purity Brewing Co
  1. How did Purity Brewing Co come about?

    Purity Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery established in 2005 by Paul Halsey and James Minkin. From the outset, their mission was simple: brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience, consistency and attention to detail which is second to none.

    Warner's Taste Club - Purity Brewing Co
  2. What’s your USP?

    Essentially, we allow our beer to do the talking. We have won numerous awards for the quality and consistency of our beers but also our sustainable approach to brewing. We have an ethos of Pure Quality which reflects everything we do across every department that makes up the business.

  3. How many different beers do you make?

    We brew six cask beers all year round, eight keg beers and one cider, and also release a winter seasonal cask beer around November, named Saddle Black. These are all available in either can or bottle.

    Warner's Taste Club - Purity Brewing Co
  4. Which is your best-selling beer?

    APure UBU, named after our faithful canine friend ‘UBU’, a maverick, brimming with character and the unofficial protector of our secrets.

    Warner's Taste Club - Purity Brewing Co
  5. You’re committed to environmentally-friendly brewing practices – why is this important to you?

    It is vitally important to us as a business. It is at the heart of everything we do here at Purity, with the location of our brewery chosen so we could introduce a wetland system. It’s not just about jumping on a bandwagon ¬– we’ve been committed to minimising our environmental impact since 2005, looking at how we can protect our rural location and give back to the community for years to come. At Purity it’s not just about being sustainable: it’s brewing with a conscience and doing the right thing.

  6. How hard is it to run a brewery and make award-winning beers with these principles in mind?

    It isn’t without its challenges! The biggest problem we had was when we moved into our new state of the art brewhouse, thus trebling our capacity. We wanted to ensure that our wetland system could cope with the increased production before we moved into the new brewery. This meant we had to expand the series of ponds to cope with the extra water. With our wetland system and the latest technology, we have got our water consumption to 2.8 pints of water to 1 pint of beer brewed where the industry average is 8 pints water: 1 pint of beer.

  7. Tell us about some of your awards…

    Since 2005 our dedication to quality, uncompromising beer has been recognised over 100 times by some of the world’s most highly regarded brewing industry award bodies including: International Beer Challenge 2020 where our Gluten Free Session IPA was awarded World Trophy Champion; International Brewing Awards 2019 where Longhorn IPA was awarded Overall Keg Champion Beer; whilst back in 2015 both UBU and Lawless were awarded Gold in their respective categories. It doesn’t stop there, we’ve also won a number of awards for the brewery and business as a whole, picking up Sustainable Manufacturer in 2015 with Insider Magazine and again in 2020 Green Business of the year at the SIBA Business Awards.

    Warner's Taste Club - Purity Brewing Co
  8. Which is your favourite beer and why?

    Now that is a tough question! For me it has to be Pure Gold, a stunning example of a Golden Ale that has been with Purity since the very beginning as the first beer we brewed and since then the recipe has barely changed. The brew team at the moment has got Pure Gold down to an absolute tee and is tasting superb – the rugby fans amongst you may have tried it at the Ricoh where we are official partners with Wasps Rugby.