A green Christmas

If you’re wanting a greener Christmas, look beyond sprouts and decorate the table with some of our other deliciously fresh, seasonal winter vegetables



You either like them or loathe them, but there’s no getting away from the fact that the traditional Brussel sprout is a major part of Christmas in most households. Put aside any memories of over-boiled, soggy greens – these days you can be much more creative with these mini cabbages!

Try this: finely chop sprouts and add to finely chopped ginger, garlic and chilli. Saute in some olive oil for a few minutes until just cooked through



This humble winter vegetable comes in all shapes and guises and can be used a myriad of ways. It’s best finely chopped and stir fried, though you can steam or boil it as a side dish.

Try this: chop up some streaky bacon and fry until crisp. Add some finely chopped Savoy cabbage, and garlic and steam with the lid on for two minutes


Fast growing in popularity for its plethora of healthy nutrients, kale is one of our hardiest winter vegetables. Also known as cavolo nero, it can be used in much the same way as cabbage, as a side dish or as an ingredient in stir fries.

Try this: make kale chips by roasted kale leaves in a bit of oil with salt – a great one for the kids!



A crown of glistening green, freshly picked broccoli is a wonderful thing, especially when lightly steamed and served as a simple side dish to counter the richness of the main meal. Of course, broccoli can find its way into almost any dish, and works beautifully whether stir fried, stewed, steamed or served slightly al dente.


Try this: for a delicious salad, steam then sauté broccoli florets with sliced chilli, flaked almonds and a glaze of honey and lime.