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Warner’s Free Taste gives you the opportunity to try selected products for free (whilst stocks last!) and leave your feedback about the product here.

The Pudding Shop Pudding – Did you enjoy it? Would you buy it again? Which variety did you choose?


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what did you think of The PUDDING SHOP PUDDING?

Very nice, very rich and a bit heavy. My husband and I shared one. Would buy it again

Julie Brunsdon

We chose the treacle pudding - lots of sauce we served it with custard and shared it between two of us - plenty for two in one pot. Loved the texture but was a bit too sweet for us.

Karen Ellaway-Bell

Yum … easy to prepare

Gill McDonough

Delicious gluten free lemon pudding. You don’t see many gluten free pudding so this was a real treat for my friend Ros who is a coeliac She highly recommends this pudding.

Jennifer Ward

Great! Lovely with hot custard!

Lyndon Churchfield

Just the right size for one nice texture and taste I tried the syrup one

Jane Hodson

Really enjoyed the the pudding and would most definitely buy more, wonderful taste and easy to serve, beautiful pudding.

Jane Elizabeth Smith

The chocolate pudding was exquisite and so tasty, a perfect sweet to compliment a good meal

Richard Bream

I thought the pudding was good quality and tasty with hot custard on top. I chose the pudding Worcestershire treacle and it was a very pleasant pudding to finish off my meal. I’d choose it again.

P Armstrong

The lemon pudding was lovely, light and not too dense,with a super lemony taste, Actually my wife and I split one between us, and found it just enough. Not good for sales though !😀 ,

Michael Windross

It was ok but wouldn’t pay normal price for it

Lucy Green

Lovely light texture and lots of sauce. But felt the chocolate sponge could have been stronger in flavour .

Coral Taylor

We absolutely love the Pudding Shop puddings, especially their cheesecakes! The jam sponge did not disappoint, fantastic with custard! Love it.

Heather Mullins

It was delicious lovely strawberry jam would definitely buy it

Beverley Green

Having eaten Pudding shop Puddings before, I was very happy to have my free taste from Warners, The Lemon pudding was enjoyed and shared with my wife. and we love having with either custard or cream

Jerry Brown

Very nice but to much jam , it made it too sweet, thank you


Delicious. Will be trying other flavours

Lesley Haynes

We had the strawberry pudding. To be honest, didn’t think too much of it. It was in our opinion too stodgy. Sorry.

Barbara Cosnett

Gluten Free Lemon Sponge Lovely moist light sponge with plenty of lemon sauce. Super quick to heat in microwave.

Sally Mckinnon

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Warner's Free Taste gives you the opportunity to try selected products for free (whilst stocks last!) and leave your feedback about the product here!