The joys of spring

May sees the return of three of our most longed-for ingredients – just in time for our new Warner’s store opening on 26th May in Upton-upon-Severn! We’ll have the freshest ingredients from local growers as well as fruit and veg from further afield – visit us this May to get a flavour of what’s in store…



Our asparagus is brought to us fresh from the fields of Evesham, one of the world’s most revered asparagus-growing areas. It is traditionally harvested from St George’s Day on 23rd April until Midsummer’s Night on 21st June, making its short 6-week availability all the more desirable.

Use it in everything from pasta and risotto to quiches and pies, or keep it simple – you can’t beat griddled asparagus with a splash of olive oil and flaky sea salt – delicious!

Try this: knock up a quick supper dish by pan frying some asparagus tips in a little olive oil with fresh chilli. Meanwhile cook your favourite pasta until al dente. Drain and tip the pasta into the asparagus pan. Toss with some lemon juice and a little more oil. Finish with diced feta cheese, some basil leaves and toasted pine nuts.



These juicy red berries are another highly-anticipated favourite at this time of year. Fresh, locally-grown, and bursting with ripeness, these are a totally different proposition from the imported berries that are seen on supermarket shelves for most of the year.

Ours come from Hayles Fruit Farm in Toddington, and are so fresh they can be harvested and on our shelves in under 24 hours! Look out for Hayles Fruit Farm strawberries coming into store from the middle of May onwards.

Try this: if you have a surplus of strawberries, they work well in a summer crumble. Just add them to the bottom of a pie dish and top with your favourite crumble topping. Cook until the topping is brown and the strawberry juices are lovely and jammy.

Jersey Royal Potatoes

These special spuds have been grown exclusively on Jersey for over 140 years. There are now around 20 farmers growing the crop on the island and at the peak of the season in May, 1,500 tonnes of Jersey Royals can be exported every day! Many of the farmers still use vraic, or seaweed, as a natural fertiliser, a practice that has been carried out since the 12th century.

We love these small spuds for their distinctive kidney shape, papery skin and buttery taste – best accentuated with melted butter, a few sprigs of mint and flaked sea salt.

Try this: roasted whole mini Jersey Royals can be served as tapas with drinks. Drizzle with olive oil and scatter with Za’atar, lemon zest and sea salt. Roast for around 40 mins until browned on the outside and soft and fluffy inside.