Goffs Brewery

You can’t forget the iconic medieval names of Goff’s Brewery’s four ales: Jouster, White Knight, Tournament and Black Knight, and neither can you forget the taste. Winners of several awards, these real ales have been brewed in Winchcombe since 1994 by Marcus and Alison Goff.

Jouster was the first ale brewed, and is a tawny-coloured ale with a light hoppiness in its aroma. White knight is slightly more hoppy with a full bodied taste, while Tournament is thirst quenching with a delicate floral aroma. Black Knight is Goffs winter porter and is a dark, ruby red beer with chocolate malt and vanilla notes.

As well as the big four, each month Goffs introduces one of their Ales of the Round Table, a different unique beer with names straight out of the King Arthur legends: expect the floral Launcelot in March and April, the refreshingly light Excalibur in July and the hoppy Merlin in September.

For more information visit www.goffsbrewery.com