Hook Norton Brewery

Hook Norton real ales are made with four natural ingredients: malted barley, hops, yeast and water. Although these ingredients are very simple, in the hands of a skilled brewer they come together to produce a symphony of colours, aromas and tastes that make quality real ale and beers.

Based in Brewery Lane in Hook Norton, this award-winning brewery has origins dating back to 1849. Much of the original brewing equipment is still used today to create the famous Hooky beers and seasonal ales. Hooky Dark is a chestnut coloured ale, full of malty flavours, Hooky Bitter is lighter in colour while Hooky Gold is a pale crisp beer with fruity aromas that features American hops. Old Dark is fruity by nature with a well-rounded body.

Seasonal ales include 303AD, a very English beer to commemorate the year of St George’s death, Cotswold Lion, a single hop variety with a citrus lime aroma, Haymaker with its distinctive hoppy aroma, and Summer Haze, a wheat beer that is refreshing and fruity.

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