Sibling Gin

Award-winning gins presented in eye-catching bottles by a team of committed siblings – this is a local family story of hard work, determination, youthful ambition and ingenuity… it’s as inspiring as the gins themselves!


Sibling launched to the market in 2014 as a team of, you guessed it, two brother and two sisters (Felix, Clarice, Cicely and Digby). After selling sloe gin at a farmers’ market, armed with youthful ambition and creative ideas, they decided to try to make a splash in the distilling world.


Early on the siblings decided they wanted to see the process through from start to finish. They didn’t just want to flavour a ready-made neutral spirit as is common in the industry. They spent a year working the botanical mix for the Sibling Original, trialling different mixes until they agreed on the direction they wanted. They then set about finding a distillery that fitted the style of gin they wanted to make.

A lack of funding for a classic copper-clad still made the siblings look in a different direction. An Australian designer had created a new type of still, made from glass with copper only where you needed it – but it had only been used on a micro scale. The siblings took a punt that it would also work full-scale so had one shipped over. It was a huge success and the glass was an advantage as it allowed vapour infusion of the botanicals which helps to create the light, fresh flavours in Sibling gins.


Early sales were drummed up by persuading bartenders that a premium gin would look good behind the bar! Today the likes of Harvey Nichols have displayed the gins in their Christmas windows. It helps that the bottles all feature gorgeous, art-deco designs, such as the new French 75 Dry Gin, Sibling’s most luxurious drink yet! It’s made using champagne-blend grape skins from local Dryhill vineyard with whole slices of fresh lemon.

Winning a 3 Gold star at the Great Taste Awards and Food and Drink Supplier of the Year at the Cotswold Life Food & Drink Awards was a huge boost. The team now have their own premises on the edge of Cheltenham and a range of gins that are going from strength to strength.


The award-winning Sibling Original gin is where it all started. Made from scratch using a pure sugar cane base, the gin is is triple distilled before the addition of botanicals which are vapour infused. This creates a light, refreshing flavour, and the botanicals are replaced after every 18 litres’ worth of gin for added depth.

The botanicals included are: juniper, coriander, blueberries, liquorice root, cardamom, cubeb berries, orris root, Madagascan vanilla pods

Other gins in the range include:

French 75 Dry Gin: champagne & lemon

Negroni: Italian herbs & blood orange

Summer Edition: strawberry & black pepper

Autumn Edition: apple, blackberry & cardamom

Winter Edition: cranberry & clementine

Spring Edition: lemon & rosemary