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Todenham Manor Farm

If one of your resolutions is to buy better meat, then Todenham Manor Farm’s online butchery and shop is a good place to start. With high animal welfare, a commitment to rare breeds, sustainability and quality, Todenham Manor Farm is moving with the times and producing meat that tastes as good as its credentials suggest. Find out more about how they do meat down on the farm…


Todenham Manor Farm is a 900 acre family farm in the heart of the Cotswolds, close to the Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire border. The land was once owned by Westminster Abbey and has been producing and providing food for the local community for generations.  It’s now home to an array of livestock, our butchery and now our award winning farmshop.


We believe in farming for the future and understand that exceptional meat can only come from a thriving and sustainable eco-system. Happy animals need healthy land to live and graze on. That’s why we’ve introduced initiatives to encourage natural flora and fauna like building ponds and wildlife friendly areas – making the farmland more productive than ever.

We don’t name our animals, but we might as well! We understand the importance of raising each animal with time and respect. All of the animals on our farm are lovingly cared for and believe that it really does affect the quality of the meat we’re producing from them.


It’s thought that a stressed animal produces tougher meat – most of the meat we sell has travelled a matter of a few miles from being born and raised on the farm to being butchered in our in-house butchery. The meat we do however have to source in, is selected from a handful of trusted suppliers that we have worked and built up a personal relationship with.

We’re very proud of our purpose-built, on-site butchery which combines 21st century techniques and skills with the service and products of an old-fashioned butchers’ shop. We age our beef joints whole and on the bone in our state of the art ageing fridge.


This ageing allows the meat to develop its flavour and tenderness. But the team’s dedication to providing exceptional meat isn’t just in the butchery and how we prepare the meat for our customers. It starts with the products we select and the way the animals are slow grown.

We are the only shop in the Cotswold village of Todenham. We have won multiple awards for our work, including our recent shortlist into Gloucestershire farm shop of the year where we stock a wide range of local and national artisan producers.






We breed and rear our Aberdeen Angus and South Devon cattle on the farm, both traditional, native breeds known for their exceptional meat. The meat is grown slowly to develop its unique characteristics and is given the same attention and care when being butchered. Most of our beef is aged in our modern dry ageing room and is quality checked and carefully prepared by our skilled butchery team.



Our Old spots, Middle-white and Saddleback pigs are probably the most charismatic members of the farm. When you visit the farmshop you can see the large pens where they’re outdoor reared giving them a chance to forage and feed under fruit trees. We let the pigs grow slowly and naturally. Our sausages and pork have won multiple Great Taste awards.



Our lambs our either raised here on the farm or bought in from our neighboring farms. Whilst we choose to farm certain breeds year-round we also offer a selection of unusual and special rare breed meats to our friends and customers online and in the farmshop.

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